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Stanford Departments Bikes Lease Program


Add Versatility
To Your Transportation Fleet


Campus Bike Shop Lease Program Breezer Bikes 

Breezer Bike Choices

Lease Program Overview

Why lease Breezer bikes

  • A new and versatile transportation option for your staff
    • Green – zero environmental impact
    • Exercise and fresh air
    • Hassle-free no-permit parking
    • A fleet addition that fits between walking and driving and is more versatile than either
    • Inexpensive (62¢ or less per day) including on-site maintenance
Lease program summary
  • All-inclusive cost of $225 per year each
    • Custom-configured Breezer bikes for your departments transportation needs on and off campus
    • Any required maintenance at your site
  • Renewable annually at $175 per year each

Breezer bikes shown below

  • Conventional triangle frame
  • U-frame - step-through ease for both men and women



Lease Program Details

Custom-configured bikes for your department’s transportation needs

  • Durable Breezer bikes, including accessories and simple and reliable shifting
  • Ideal for campus and local transportation
    • Ready whether it’s a formal meeting or a delivery or pickup
    • Park right at your destination, free and no permit required
    • Simple gearing for easy pedaling
    • Carrying space for notebooks, tools and much more
  • Include        
    • Reliable and simple 3-speed gearing – go anywhere wth ease
    • Rear rack with attached collapsible basket – basket opens up whenever needed
    • Full fenders and full chain guard – protects clothing from dirt, grease, and puddles
    • Comfortable, waterproof spring seat – go anywhere in comfort
    • Bell – safety for the rider and others
    • Kickstand – convenient for parking
    • Kryptonite U-lock and bolted wheels/seat post – theft protection for the bike and components
    • Stanford and California license and registration – done for you and at no cost
  • Available in both conventional and step-through frames – see previous page, the U-frame step-through option makes the bike easier to get on and off and accommodates a wider range of rider heights

All-inclusive and inexpensive lease

  • Covers one (1) year, may be renewed annually at a discount
  • Includes
    • One or more custom-configured Breezer department bikes – see next page
    • All required maintenance
      • Flat repairs, including new tubes
      • Tuneups, adjustments
      • No pickup or dropoff required, 24 hour turn-around guaranteed
  • Lease cost
    • $225 per Breezer bike for first year                                                                  
    • $175 per same Breezer bike for subsequent years
    • All required maintenance included

Breezer Bike Details


              Breezer Departments Bike      vs           Typical Campus Bike

Cost Comparison
Breezer Department Bikes vs Electric Carts

1-Year Cost Analysis – Averaged Over 10 Years




Breezer Department Bike


Electric Cart




Environment Impact








Bike – Zero Emissions Vehicle, ZEV – human powered
Electric cart – Low Emissions Vehicle, LEV – global warming and air quality impact from electric power generation to charge batteries

Lease or Purchase Price

$225 / $175

Bike – Lease cost, $225 first year, $175 subsequent years
Cart – Initial purchase cost of $6,000 to $8,000 with 10-year assumed life – $6,000 used in analysis


  • Scheduled




Cart – Monthly maintenance recommended, but some departments do it quarterly –  quarterly used in analysis; preventive maintenance recommended every 4 months – used in analysis; 3- to 5-year battery life at $400 to $500 replacement cost – one battery change at $400 over assumed 10-year cart life used in analysis
  • Unscheduled
All labor and tubes included $85/hr + parts

Cart - No unscheduled maintenance assumed; highly unlikely

Total 1-Year Cost

$225 / $175


Bike – Total 1-Year Cost is lease cost only, $225 first year, $175 subsequent years \
Cart – Analysis assumes most favorable cost assumptions

1.       All data on electric cart costs were obtained from Stanford Departments – Garage Fleet Management (Facilities Operations) for maintenance schedules and costs, Athletics Department for basic cart purchase price range and maintenance schedules.
2.       Cost of electricity to charge the cart batteries is not incuded in the analysis.
3.       Replacement cost of stolen bike is $500, replacement cost of stolen cart is $6,000 to $8,000.
4.    Other available bike accessories include a helmet, front light and rear light.

Leasing Your Breezer Bike(s)

  • Contact Chris Wiscavage at the Campus Bike Shop – 650 723-9300,, or stop by the shop in Tresidder Union (next to CoHo)

  • We accept all major credit cards and the Stanford Purchase Card (P Card)

  • Your bike will be ready within 24 hours, multiple bikes may take longer

  • Happy riding!

  • And below is our first Stanford Departments Bikes Lease Program Breezer bike being picked up on December 5, 2007, by Lee Doherty of the School of Medicine, Cancer Clinical Trials Office