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Serving Stanford and the Bay Area


Our shop is right on the Stanford University campus, at our convenient location in Tresidder Union on White Plaza. For over 70 years we have been serving the biking needs of Stanford students, faculty and staff, our Bay Area neighbors, and visitors to Stanford and the Bay Area. We have a great selection of bikes and accessories, including Fuji, KHS, Bell, and Shimano, provide quick and quality repairs, and have a large selection of rental bikes. We look forward to providing you a positive and fun biking experience.

Keith Moranz (owner), Chris Wiscavage (manager), and Staff
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Congratulations and Welcome!

This very large campus with limited and expensive parking makes bikes a predominant transportation mode here at Stanford. The Campus Bike Shop, right here on campus, is your convenient and low cost source for bikes - sales, repairs and rentals. This is where you are referred in your UNDERGRAD website. Every year we have a Bike Purchase Program for new incoming freshmen and other students new to Stanford. The program makes it easy for you to select, order over the Internet, by phone, or at the shop the right bike for your years here at Stanford. For information on purchasing your bike click Class of 2019 Bike Purchase Program. It includes guidance to review the available bikes and custom packages and to place your order, from our catalog or by phone.

RENT A BIKE! - Go to the navigator to the left and up

Rent a bike!We have a full line of bike rentals available for your campus and local area needs and fun. If you are a parent, a student with short term classes, or an attendee to any of the many Stanford special programs, we have a bike for you. If you are a visitor to the Bay Area or a local with out-of-town visitors, Stanford-related or not, we have a bike for you too. All rental bikes are ready for campus and off-campus biking. The local area consists of nine Bicycle Friendly Communities, including Stanford, and offers some of the finest road and mountain biking in the US. A U-lock and helmet are included with all bicycle rentals. Reserve your rental today!

For all the rental-related information and details go to the Rent a Bike! navigator to the left and up, or to get started click Rent a Bike! .


The Stanford campus is a great starting point for some of the finest biking in the world - both road and mountain. Hundreds of bike routes and trails are right there for you. You can do them on your own, and there are a very large number of regular group rides that you can be part of. For more information click Off-Campus Biking.

STANFORD - A Platinum Bicycle Friendly University

The Bicycle Friendly University program of the League of American Bicyclists now has 74 winners. Stanford was the top winner in the first set of 20 in 2010 with the only Platinum award. "Stanford Goes Platinum" is featured in the League's March-April 2011 American Bicyclists magazine. Just click on the title to check it out. The article mentions our shop and bike helmet program. Now Stanford has company - UC Davis, an almost neighbor university, makes it two platinum award winners.

Stanford has also been a League Bicycle Friendly Community for many years. Stanford and eight local communities, Menlo Park, Palo Alto, Los Altos, Mountain View, Sunnyvale, Cupertino, Santa Clara, and San Jose, are the greatest Bicycle Friendly Community concentration in the United States. For more information on the Bicycle Friendly University, Community and other programs and on national bicycling activities click on League of American Bicyclists.

BUY A BIKE! - Go to the navigator to the left and up

Bicycling is the answer for your campus and local Buy a Bike!area transportation. Bikes get you around quickly and there is plenty of free parking convenient to wherever you are going. Walking is doable but time consuming, and parking a car on this very large campus is either near impossible or too expensive. And a bike lets you take advantage of the great bicycling opportunities in the local area. We have a complete line of quality inexpensive bikes to fit your needs. So buy a bike!

For all the bikes and related information go to the Buy a Bike! navigator to the left and up, or to get started click Buy A Bike - Why and What.

Note that we typically have a fast turnover of bikes. Some of the bikes listed may not be available, or not available in all colors, sizes, or gender. Please give us a call at 650 723-9300 to confirm availability.

CUSTOM PACKAGES - Security, Service, Utility, and Safety

Equip your bike for campus life. Our 65+ years right here on campus have given us a good idea of your needs for your campus bike. They are reflected in the CUSTOM Click for more information on all packagesPACKAGES below.

Click on any package above or on the bike for more information on all packages.


All the resources, rules, regulations, and recommendations about your bike and bike riding on campus are available at Stanford's Parking & Transportation Services and Department of Public Safety. Click on the links to go directly to their bike information.

Remember, you have the same rules and rights as a car- heed the rules and don't challenge the rights. 


Can somebody steal my bike, or my wheels or seat? Probably if they really want to. But if you take reasonable precautions they will likely move on to a more vulnerable bike. Make sure you have, and use, a U-lock and additional protection as well. The photo to the left is a potential thief in action; the photo to the right is our large supply of U-locks ready for your purchase separately or as part of our Security Package. The Security Package includes our recommendation for minimum protection to discourage a thief. Stop by the shop or give us a call, 650 723-9300, and we will be pleased to discuss these and additional options with you. We want to help you make sure your bike will always be there for you, ready to go.

WEAR A HELMET! - #1 For Bike Safety, And If You Don't Have One, Buy One for $25

Click for more informationThe Campus Bike Shop and Stanford Parking & Transportation Services Click on either of these two photos for the available helmets(P&TS) strongly encourage you to wear a helmet whenever you are riding your bike - on campus and off. To help you buy a helmet, the shop has quality helmets for sale at $25. This great price is a 30 to 50 percent discount off the regular price of our helmets. This $25 price is available through a cooperative program of the shop and P&TS. For information on why a helmet, click here. For information on how to wear and fit your helmet, click here. For a closer look at some of the helmets available, click on the helmet to the left. Additional helmets are usually available. All colors may not be available. Come on in - take a look and take advantage!


In addition to its very high scholastc ranking, Stanford also has a very high athletic ranking. For example, Stanford has won the Directors' Cup each of the last 18 years. The Cup is awarded annually to the most successful overall athletics program in the nation. Stanford is a consistent winner in sports and has the broadest based athletic program with the most sports for both men and women. And the accolades continue - click Stanford - Home of Champions for more. For all the current sports activities, click Stanford Athletics.

DO IT YOURSELF - Free Use of Tools and Oil

Are you ready to do your own flat tire and other bike repairs or adjustments? If so, we are ready for you. We have a cardinal red repair stand that has just about all you will need - tools, lubricants, degreasers, rags, and a place for trash. It's outside the shop during our normal hours. Stop by and check it out. For some tips on lubricating your bike click here.

Please make sure that you leave the tools when you are done. The next person may need them for his/her repairs.


In 2009 our bike-shop-focused website host put one of their over 1,000 hosted shops "In the Spotlight" for a month. We were honored for the month of July as one fo their 12 top websites. Click CAMPUS BIKE SHOP for their review.


The official jersey of your Campus Bike Shop is now available for your comfortable and stylish riding on campus and off. Its Raglan Club Cut of Aries Micro Plus fabric provides a soft comfortable fit with breathability and durability. The three rear pockets provide plenty of carrying capacity and the 3/4-length hidden zipper allows you complete ventiliation control. Go to our catalog for more details. We also have a Stanford cycling jersey available. Go to our catalog for details on it.


Click for more Service infoRepairs are #1 at the Campus Bike Shop. In addition to providing you the bikes and accessories you need, we are dedicated to providing you complete and quick repairs and other service on your bike. Our large Service staff is ready to quickly address your needs and keep your bike running and available for you. And if your service needs are such that we can't provide on-the-spot or short-time turnaround, we offer you a free loaner bike.

FOLDING BIKE PROMOTION - Free Rental and $100 Off Purchase!

Want a bike for your campus activities that you can also easily carry with you in your car or on the train? Stanford Parking & Transportation Services (P&TS) and the Campus Bike Shop are offering qualified Stanford students, faculty and staff free folding bike rental and discounted folding bike purchase. Click for the details.


Click for all the detailsIn addition to our primary customer set, the students at Stanford, the Campus Bike Shop also serves the bicycling needs of the Stanford departments. Our Stanford Departments Bikes Lease Program is available to all Stanford departments. Bikes are the most versatile form of transportation on campus. They are ideal not only for students but also for many Stanford departments' needs, like get to meetings and make deliveries on or near campus. It's quick and convenient with parking right at your destination. We offer custom-configured Breezer bikes complete with all required maintenance at a low lease cost. These bikes are much less expensive than electric carts and more efficient than walking. Click on the Breezer bikes to the left for all the details and stop by the shop for a closer look.


Feature Items

Bell Solar
Bell Solar

Grab the Solar helmet for safety! Put it on and you'll start beaming thanks for the sweet fit and fine features! This stylish, lightweight helmet… [more]

Adrenaline Promotions Stanford Cycling Shorts
Adrenaline Promotions Stanford Cycling Shorts

Our Stanford cycling shorts are a great fashion companion to our Stanford cycling jersey. They are padded for super comfort and show your school… [more]

Adrenaline Promotions Stanford Cycling Jersey
Adrenaline Promotions Stanford Cycling Jersey

Our Stanford cycling jersey is a great way to be super comfortable and show your school colors on and off campus. Its light 100% polyester fabric… [more]

NiteIze SpokeLit
NiteIze SpokeLit

Create your own light show just by taking an evening ride on your bike. And you will have the safety bonus of being seen while you ride. The NiteIze… [more]

KHS Women's Brentwood  new   
KHS Women's Brentwood new  

The KHS Women's Brentwood is great for riding around campus and the local area in comfort and style. The step through frame makes on and off easy… [more]

Biria Women's CitiBIKE  new   
Biria Women's CitiBIKE new  

Biria's Women's CitiBIKE is an easy riding and dependable bike with the ultimate in style, comfort and quality that comes with the Biria name. Its… [more]

KHS Brentwood  new   
KHS Brentwood new  

KHS' Brentwood bike is great for riding around campus and the local area in comfort and style. Its strong, reliable steel frame absorbs the bumps,… [more]

Pearl Izumi Elite Vest
Pearl Izumi Elite Vest

Here's the perfect vest for cycling and any other activity on campus or off. Pearl's Elite Barrier vest is lightweight, packable, and wind and… [more]

Norco Women's Yorkville  new   
Norco Women's Yorkville new  

Norco's Women's Yorkville is an elegant machine perfect for your transportation on and off campus and for fun and fitness! You’ll love the… [more]

Norco Yorkville  new   
Norco Yorkville new  

Norco's Yorkville is an elegant machine perfect for your transportation on and off campus and for fun and fitness! You’ll love the comfortable and… [more]

Pearl Izumi Elite Jacket
Pearl Izumi Elite Jacket

Here's the perfect jacket for cycling and any other activity on campus or off. Pearl's Elite Barrier jacket is lightweight, packable, and wind and… [more]

Campus Bike Shop  Discounted Summer College/High School Rental
Campus Bike Shop Discounted Summer College/High School Rental

Guarantee the availability of a rental bike, U-lock, and helmet for the High School Summer College program here at Stanford. Once you arrive, you… [more]

Hollywood Car Rack - The Original
Hollywood Car Rack - The Original

This classic rack dates back to 1973 and it's still a best seller. Completely user friendly, and capable of handling up to 3 bicycles, this rack's… [more]

Voler Campus Bike Shop Jersey
Voler Campus Bike Shop Jersey

Here's your real bicycling jersey for special occasions, or even every day, for riding on campus and off. This eye-catching official jersey of your… [more]