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4-Year Service Package Details

We are proud to offer a Service Package for all the bikes we sell. We also offer the package, at a higher price, for your own bike in good condition that you bring to campus. This Service Package is unique from most "extended warranties" as students use the service multiple times a year. Our central location on campus makes it easy for you to take advantage of the package. Also, our free bicycle loaner program provides a popular alternative to walking to class. You walk in with a broken bike and if we can't fix it in five or so minutes, or you are dropping it off for a tuneup, you ride off on our loaner bike until your tuneup or repair is complete. And by taking advantage of this convenience, your Campus Bike Shop bike is maintained more often and as a result is safer, performs better and lasts longer. 70 percent of new-bike buyers select this package.

What does our 4-year Service Package include?

  • Four free full tuneups and unlimited adjustments for your bike
  • Free flat repairs, including labor and extra thick upgraded tubes
  • Free labor for installing brake pads
  • Free loaner bike with any repair or tuneup
  • Discounted summer storage (we store bicycles as a service for a fee.) Upon pick up, your bicycle will have received a tune-up.

What doesn't our 4-year Service Package include?

  • Parts
    • Worn out or broken parts are not covered with the exception of parts and labor for inner tubes and labor for brake pads
  • Abuse
    • Our mechanics work very hard for you but can only do so much on a bicycle that has been treated poorly
    • We will tune up and adjust your bicycle under the Service Package, but fixing bent, worn out, and broken parts will be charged at regular price for parts and labor
    • The most common examples of replacement parts are bent wheels, broken wheel axles, bent rear derailleurs, and worn out bottom bracket bearings
  • Theft
    • Our Service Package is not an insurance package and is not transferable between students
    • If you lose your bicycle or if it gets stolen, our Service Package does not cover replacing your bicycle
    • But we will transfer your Service Package to a new bicycle (if purchased from our store), free of charge


  • All bikes purchased from our shop qualify for the Service Package
  • No department store-purchased bikes brought to campus by you qualify for the Service Package
  • New bikes brought to campus by you qualify for the Service Package (at a higher price than bikes purchased from our shop) subject to inspection and approval by the shop manager

  • In both cases, we reserve the right to cancel the Service Package policy at any time without reason, but we will give the full refund of the Service Package price back to you even if the you have used the package